Who we are

Amigo Infoservices Pvt Ltd has been the leading BPO solution company in India for 7 consecutive years now, and we don’t plan on losing our title anytime soon either. It has been amply called this name because of the goal we have, aka to help you create and maintain your own BPO business. Whether you want to start a brand new Call Center, it doesn’t matter for us, since we have enough experience in this domain to help you out with either one of these. Our main goal is to help you start and succeed in this industry, that is what we specialize on, so if you have any questions whatsoever and you don’t see them answered in this short bio then feel free to contact us.


If you think that just because you have a decent amount of money you will make it out there then think again, because without a company such as Amigo Infoservices you will get nowhere. I really wanted some help from a professional company, so I resorted to Amigo Infoservices. They’ve helped me more than anyone else. If it weren’t for Amigo Infoservices I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today, aka the CEO of a blossoming company that’s making more money that I can handle on my own!

Amigo Infoservices has been my number one pick since day one. I faced a lot of problems at that time, but Amigo Infoservices was there for me, and with their help I made it this far. No matter who you think you are, you will always need someone backing you up if you don’t want your company to crash and burn. Amigo Infoservices Pvt Ltd was that someone for me. There are a lot of companies similar to Amigo Infoservices, but overall, no other company has managed to offer me as much as Amigo Infoservices has in the past.

My company was doing pretty well, except for when I had to make serious decisions. I chose the wrong one once and my whole company suffered. Make sure you avoid this with the help of Amigo Infoservices. If you want help managing your business, then give Amigo Infoservices a call. That’s what I did and I never regretted that one bit. I was facing some problems when I first started Amigo Infoservices, so I decided to contact Amigo Infoservices.  They’ve taken me through every step there was and now my business is making amazing profit.